[STAR]Demolition of part of Kuen Cheng begins

Demolition of part of Kuen Cheng begins

THE move to demolish the historic structures of Kuen Cheng Girls’ High School has begun. 

Established in 1908, the school which is the only independent girls’ school in Kuala Lumpur has also started its campaign to recruit male students for its 2008 semester.  

Kuen Cheng Alumni Association objected to both the moves in a press statement dated Nov 27.  

An end: Two out of the eight blocks marked for demolition is nothing but rubble now.

“We feel that the board of directors carrying out these two moves hastily is irresponsible,” said president Jean Lee.  

“The court injunction was only set aside due to technical defects and not based on merits; no judgements have been made yet so it is too early to tell as to which party will win the case,” she said.  

She said the association had in a letter notified the board of directors that they would re-file the case in court as soon as possible.  

“The board should not think that by carrying out these moves, they can put to rest the issues that they could have acted illegally by denying the alumni its elected seat in the board to manage the school together with the other 41 board members.  

“Also, the two resolutions could have been illegally obtained and should not be enforced until they are decided upon by the courts,’’ she said.  

Protest: A file picture of Kuen Cheng High School’s ex-students holding placards to show their objection against the school’s intention to introduce co-education and to demolish existing buildings.

According to the statement, the two resolutions are to authorise the board to fully take charge of the redevelopment of the school buildings and to authorise the board to take in male students at an appropriate time.  

“Kuen Cheng Girls’ High School is not the property of the board of directors, therefore the board should be answerable to the Chinese community.  

“We urge the board to stop the two moves. Even if they have succeeded in recruiting male students and demolishing the structure, we will not back down from taking the matter to court again,” she added.

3 Dec 07, Monday, Metro